Canon Autoboy Zoom 105.

The other camera that was part of the same lot I picked up is a Canon Autoboy Zoom 105 that came on to the market in 1991, it’s probably the newest old camera I own. I was sort of looking for a camera with zoom function after coming up with a series idea in my head. We’ll leave that for another day.

This particular camera came with a roll of Kodak Max 400 already loaded and unsurprisingly not many photographs turned out at all. It’s also a little hard to get the zoomed in photographs to an acceptable quality but I’ll probably try with some fresh film next to see how that goes.

Kodak Max 400 (expired), Canon Autoboy Zoom 105

2 replies to “Canon Autoboy Zoom 105.

    1. I did wish some photos turned out to be double exposures but I guess it wasn’t actually used at all? In the end all that turned out are my photographs haha


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