The electronic shutter on my Olympus XA4 got stuck at the end of the second night of our long weekend in Kaohsiung. I had contemplated bringing two cameras but ultimately decided against it; I really, really liked the convenience of the XA4 and wanted to concentrate on enjoying the camera. Fortunately a film camera shop had set up a stall at the handmade flea market that was part of the music festival we were attending. Unfortunately they were the kind of shop that sold old film cameras at, in my opinion, inflated prices so I opted for the second best thing: a reusable plastic camera at retail. It was better than having no camera.

The camera itself is super cute and the hand strap it comes with is such eye candy. At f/8, it also has a slightly wider aperture than most other toy cameras which makes the possibility of photographs turning out in low-light situations just that bit higher. The plastic lens is surprisingly sharp but only right in the middle, it gets very soft in the corners very quickly though I find that aesthetically appealing for what I’m using the camera for.

I never would have bought this camera under other circumstances so it’d be a lie to say I recommend it. In truth, the Superheadz Ultra Wide & Slim already does the same job, albeit a little less pretty and at a narrower aperture. However, I would not stop anyone from getting one. If you understand its limits and use it with reasonable expectations, one can certainly make good photographs with a plastic toy camera.

Lomography Lomochrome Purple, YAMA MEMO M20

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